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Cafe Organico Tosepan: Organic, Fair-Trade and Bio-Diverse.

Behind a cup of Tosepan’s Coffee are the efforts of indigenous farmers, that are members of The Tosepan Titataniske Cooperative, in the northern mountainous region of Puebla, Mexico.

This shade grown coffee is cultivated in their own land, based on traditional systems, creating a bio-diverse coffee plantation, that is the home of 150 plants and 180 birds.

This coffee is certified as organic by CERTIMEX, accredited for the laws and norms of Japan (JAS), Europe (CEE 2092/91) and United Estates (NOP – USDA). Certificated under Fair Trade System by FLO Cert. Crop 2010 – 2011

~ Arabic gold coffee, good wash, size 16, maximum 3 % of black grains.

Tosepan Titataniske cooperative partners are small producers of coffee, black pepper, citrus, macadamia, cinnamon, mushrooms, raw sugar and raw honey. They are also, jornaleros, house keepers, artisans and handy-mans.

Tosepan Titaniske cultivates biodiverse-organic-fair trade coffee, thanks to a technique of mixing crops for both cultivation and soil protection. These mixed-growth forests are closer in composition to ancient forests and differ greatly from industrial coffee cultivation, which consists of huge plantations growing strictly coffee.

With the rise of multinational corporations throughout Mexico which were driving down coffee prices, Tosepan was determined to set and maintain a fair price for the farmers of Cuetzalan and the surrounding areas. Creating various strategies to maintain the economic sustainability of the cooperative. One strategy is the employment of agro-forestry, whose rich biodiversity allows the co-op members to harvest coffee, and other products all year round. Coffee is the central crop, and the rich taste of Tosepan Coffee originates on verdant hillsides tended by co-operative members who are educated in agro-forestry and organic agriculture techniques. Tosepan is a biodiverse coffee, where their main buyer country is Japan, and for their Raw Hone, Raw Sugar and Pepper the European Union.

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